Garcinia Cambogia
& Green Coffee Bean
Supports Healthy
  • body weight
  • body fat levels
  • cardiovascular function
  • blood sugar levels

Surprising facts you didn’t know about Green Coffee

Health and Nutrition is an ever changing place. It seems that every day there are new topics for discussions, and new ways to improve our daily lives. As the old saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the same, and if there is one constant in health, it’s diet fads. I try to be unbiased as possible when researching these new ingredients. From rare roots in jungles of brazil or a fruit that only grows on the mountains of tibet, scientists are constantly finding new and exotic methods of weight loss. Green Coffee is steadily growing in popularity, due in part to Dr. Oz, who touted its “magical” weight loss properties.
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Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Bean has been rumored to have fantastic weight loss qualities to skyrocket fat burning. Even Dr. Oz has been raving about how miraculous this new product is for people’s ability to lose weight so quickly. Green Coffee Bean is a result of naturally taking coffee beans off the branch before they get roasted and become the coffee that we drink. Instead research has told us that having Green Coffee Bean extract will naturally speed up metabolism and control blood sugar. Continue reading Green Coffee Bean

Garcinia Cambogia

The classic question “how can I lose weight quickly” has been festering in our minds for ages. Friends say this, mom says that, magazines suggest a plan, T.V. has another one. So what are we supposed to do? There are so many suggestions for supplements, foods, drinks, and diets how are we supposed to follow the right direction. There has been a study that has scientists and researchers buzzing with excitement! There is a fruit from South Asia, Indonesia, India and Africa called the Tamarind. This fruit is said to have a magical quality to help lose weight and suppress hunger, but how do we know? Dr. Julie Chen (California intern with fellowship training in integrated medicine) says that this product is one of the cheapest and most effective weight loss products. Studies showed that consumers who took used the product lost 2-3 times more weight than those who didn’t. So how exactly does this fruit perform the miraculous task of slimming us down without even trying? The Hydroxycitric Acid in the fruit helps you lose weight by killing two birds with one stone: It suppresses your appetite and blocks enzymes that create fat. The Hydroxycitric Acid suppresses your appetite by increasing its serotonin levels. Continue reading Garcinia Cambogia